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With #DrGreenThumb, customer service is priority. We take pride in keeping our customers happy 24/7.
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What we provide is quality MJ to suit your recreational needs. We understand that money can be tight, and a product that is affordable, and of good quality makes a custom happy. That’s our main focus with Dr Green Thumb. Service you can trust is on us!

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  • What is pre-rolls?

    A marijuana pre-roll simply refers to marijuana that has already been rolled. It is a blunt or joint that was already prepared before it was sold or intended for consumption. Pre-rolled marijuana is often small and of low price. They are also readily available for purchase. Marijuana pre-rolls are ideal for marijuana users who have nimble fingers or do not want to invest in a bong or similar equipment. They are also ideal for users who do not have the time to roll their own blunts or to practice rolling their own joints. Pre-rolled marijuana also come in handy when a cannabis user simply wants to enjoy the feel, taste, and elegant simplicity of a well-rolled blunt. Recent versions are consumer-friendly and offer total transparency with regards to the strength of the cannabis brand. That has further assisted consumers in deciding the joints that best suit their needs.

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  • Do I need ID

    Yes, you ID will be verified before we ever service you. All ID must be verified as a valid ID, 21 years or older

  • Testimonial
    • I can always depend of getting fire from this place. It sets me at ease knowing its that sticky icky. Keep up the good work, you have a loyal customer…
      Love It
    • Smells, good, looks good, believe that. Every time they deliver its fire. No wonder they call it the fire man. I hope you can keep the steady supply of good…
      Pure Fire
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