OUSTV Uploader

This allows our paid subscribers to upload there own original video content to OURURBANSPACE TV

[streamium_uploader folder=”userid” bucket=”oustv-site-uploader” filetypes=”mp4,m4v,mov” filesize=”2gb”]


Upload a original content Video
To upload a video from this Page:
1. Select the video you’d like to upload.
2. Or drag and drop to Upload Videos.
3. We will review the video, and place in category if selected.

Upload Specifications
• MP4 format is recommended but nearly all types of video files are supported.
• Resolution should be 1080p or under.
• Files up to 1 GB are supported. Larger files with slower connections may have longer upload times.
• Videos must be less than 240 minutes long. Longer videos have larger file sizes and this could affect the quality of the video and the upload time.
• Stereo AAC audio compression with 128kbps or more is recommended.
Add video details
A descriptive video title makes it more searchable.
• Tag a person
• Add activities or feelings
• Check in
• Tag a product
◦ Branded Content lets you tag your video as sponsored. If your video contains a third party brand, product or sponsor, then you must tag it as sponsored. Learn more about Branded Content.
Custom Image
Upload a custom high resolution image that you feel best represents your video.
Add a thumbnail
Use thumbnail to choose an image to be displayed in your video posts when your video isn’t playing. Select an auto-generated image, add a custom image, or choose a video frame. Thumbnail files can be a maximum of 10 MB.
Video Category
Select what category your video belongs in.
Video distribution options
Distribution options allow you to control where your video will appear. When posting a video, you can choose from the following:
Add subtitles and captions (CC)
Video Language
The primary language is USA english.
Add New Captions
Add captions to your video in multiple languages. Files can be uploaded, transcribed or auto-generated.
• Auto-Generate: We automatically create the captions.
• Write: Write captions yourself.
• Upload: Upload captions in a SubRip (.srt) file.