Sheba Baby (1975) ‧ Action/Blaxploitation
Sheba Baby (1975) ‧ Action/Blaxploitation
1975 1h 30m

When the loan business of her father, Andy (Rudy Challenger), is trashed by thugs looking to force a sale, Chicago private investigator Sheba Shayne (Pam Grier) travels back to her hometown of Louisville, Ky., to even the score. Together with old flame Brick Williams (Austin Stoker), she attacks the henchmen of local loan shark Pilot (D’Urville Martin), but a retaliation leaves Andy dead. Blind with rage, Sheba vows to take out Pilot’s boss, mob kingpin Shark (Dick Merrifield).

Director: William Girdler
Genres / Categories: Throw Back Theater
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